Ma’s Bakery – Catering, Bakery, and Restaurant


Originally established in 1995, Ma’s Bakery and Restaurant has earned a deserved reputation for amazing food, attentive service, and great prices. These services are on display at their Bloomington, WI location. Mary Adrian and her crew also do catering for various events like graduations, anniversaries, and more throughout Grant and Crawford county and the Wisconsin / Iowa area.

Meal Menu Information

At Ma’s Bakery, there are no menus because of Mary’s belief you should order what you want and then be charged only for that. This allows people to build their own meals, with exactly what they want, and is something that our customers love.

Want More Information?

Review the rest of this website, including our FAQ, then give us a call at 608-994-3171.

Monday – Friday

Open: 5am to 2pm

Breakfast from 5:30 am to 10:30 am

Lunch from 10:30 am to 2 pm


Open: 5am to 1pm

Breakfast and Sandwiches


Open: 5 am to noon

Breakfast all-day


Monday through Saturday we are open for pick-ups until 3 pm