FIRE Travel Family LLC

FIRE Travel Family is the site detailed Brock and Becky Waterman’s early retirement, financial independence, world schooling and travels with their young children.  This allows them to spend more time together and with the kids. It also allows them to travel the world and world/home school the kids. As they have been on the path to early retirement the FIRE Travel Family has traveled along the way. For example, Brock has been to 35 countries, Becky to 14 countries, Kyra to 4 countries, and even Verity has been abroad to Belize.

The path to get to this was a lot of work! But now they are sharing both their new adventures and information about they achieved financial independence and retired early. They have blog posts such as:

They have also started putting out YouTube videos on their channel including:

Lumber Land LLC – Chopper / Forage Box Repair

Lumber Land LLC is a chopper box / forage box / forage wagon repair business based in Boscobel, WI, originally opened in 1965. They work with both private farmers and insurance companies to offer the following services:

  1. Repair chopper box / forage boxes (H&S, Meyer, Gehl, Miller Pro, and more)
  2. Sell rebuilt forage / chopper boxes on our inventory page
  3. Sell used forage wagon / forage box parts