Ma’s Bakery – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the prices that you charge and the options that you have?

See the catering pages on the website for more information about prices.

How does the two meat option work? Do you get more meat total?

You do not get twice as much meat, however, you get more of each meat. This allows your visitors to pick which meat they prefer and some will choose both meats.

How do the sandwiches work? Do you get buns or is it just a dinner roll?

If you do sandwiches you get buns instead of dinner rolls. The buns are a bigger sandwich sized bun.

Do you provide all the plates, silverware & napkins, cups for drinks?

Yes, all the paper products are provided.

Do you cut the cake?

Yes, this is a service we offer with our fully catered events.

Who do you serve, head & family tables?

Yes, we need to know number of people at the head table. We also need to know how many family tables there are and the number that will be at each table.

Do you put the leftovers in containers & do you provide those containers?

We box the leftovers. We do have some containers but if you have containers feel free to bring them in case we need more.

Are there any other costs besides the per plate price? For example travel, left over containers, or other costs?

The only other cost is the sales tax.

How long will you keep the food line open? Do I only get to have it for a specific amount of time?

We work with you. As long as we know ahead of time we can keep it open during the set time.

How does your payment work, cash, check, or credit card and when does it need to be paid for?

Cash and check are the methods of payment that we accept. A $150 deposit is due and we expect the rest to be paid within a couple days after the event.

When do you need the final count on the number of people?

We need this by a week or two before the event.

Do you sell food by the pound? What are the costs?

Yes. There is a $75 delivery charge or you can pick it up for free. You only get the food so you will have to provide your own paper products. Please see the catering page for more information about the prices and products available for this option.

If we bought it by the pound, when would the food get picked up or delivered?

You can pick it up the day before and it will be cold. If it is delivered it will be delivered the day of and will be hot. We will provide the roasters for this option and you need to return them.

When it comes to choosing sides can we choose two and have 50% of each?

Yes, you could for instance have two different potatoes.

What do you do if you were to run out of food?

We have never catered an event where we have run out of meat. If we were going to run out of a side, we would see this and would buy something from a local store as needed to make up the difference so that everyone gets fed.

Are the images of food on this site your food?

No the images are from other sources.

What is the area that you cover and do you travel?

We are very flexible with where we go. If you don’t see your area in the list below call and ask. Here are just a few of the local areas we cover:

  • Platteville, Wisconsin
  • Bagley, Wisconsin
  • Belmont, Wisconsin
  • Benton, Wisconsin
  • Bloomington, Wisconsin
  • Boscobel, Wisconsin
  • Cassville, Wisconsin
  • Cobb, Wisconsin
  • Cuba City, Wisconsin
  • Dickeyville, Wisconsin
  • Dodgeville, Wisconsin
  • Ellenboro, Wisconsin
  • Fennimore, Wisconsin
  • Glen Haven, Wisconsin
  • Hazel Green, Wisconsin
  • Kieler, Wisconsin
  • Lancaster, Wisconsin
  • Linden, Wisconsin
  • Livingston, Wisconsin
  • Mineral Point, Wisconsin
  • Monfort, Wisconsin
  • Patch Grove, Wisconsin
  • Potosi, Wisconsin
  • Prairie Du Chien, Wisconsin
  • Rewey, Wisconsin
  • Stitzer, Wisconsin